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Assessment centres

  • Companies require measurable data to ensure consistent and objective decision-making. Obtaining an overall understanding of key traits of personality, behavioural and management approaches of employees is essential to provide a more accurate person-job fit and drive the increase of business performance.
  • Today, more than ever, it is crucial to have the tools to proactively minimize recruitment risk, by evaluating candidates’ competencies and fit with their corporate culture, while ensuring that their future development will be based on systematic evaluation and objective decision criteria.

Our solution

  • Deloitte’s Assessment Centre solutions assist its clients in hiring and developing people with the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver on organisational objectives, thus providing a more accurate person-job fit.
  • We manage various tests and exercises designed to allow employees to demonstrate the competencies that are the most essential for success in a given job — current or future.
  • Deloitte Luxembourg has significant experience in Assessment Centres in a variety of organisations, both locally and internationally.

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