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Your challenge

Cash Pooling

  • Your global organization operates through numerous companies in various jurisdictions with diverse treasury needs. The treasury functions have not evolved to meet the needs of the group in terms of efficient cash management, ease of cash redeployment, efficient investment options, cost management, and mitigation of foreign exchange and tax risks.
  • Fragmented bank relationships hinders corporate visibility on global cash flows and balances and adds to costs.
  • Inefficient cash concentration at a local level adds to manual workload and may hinder timely cash mobilization.
  • Local currency accounts are used to fund FX accounts which may increase FX transaction costs.
  • Withholding taxes on interest payments are not properly managed, which increases the overall tax burden of the group.
  • You require external group funding and you want to combine the advantages Luxembourg has to offer for public debt issuance/listing with cash pooling solutions.

Our solution

  • Deloitte has an in-depth knowledge on optimization and implementation of cash pooling solutions.
  • In the design phase we would first assess the inefficiencies of the treasury functions and determine the appropriate type of cash pooling to be combined with an efficient tax structure.
  • During the implementation we will coordinate with all parties involved. Our cross-service line approach will allow us to address all aspects of the project. This includes for example updating your cash management policies, work with key businesses to improve funding forecast accuracy or analyse cross border tax consequences in all jurisdictions involved.
  • On an on-going basis we can offer accounting and compliance services.

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