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The global banking and securities markets have recently seen many changes and senior management must now be prepared to adjust their strategies and operational processes to take advantage of opportunities that will soon arise. Financial institutions are looking for ways to attract new customers and develop more effective and lasting customer relationships.

Everyone is trying to cut costs without cutting services, aiming to keep customers happy throughout the process. These efforts always require changes in operating models as well as significant adaptations of IT architectures. First class project management is in all cases key to the success of any change initiative. With proven experience in retail, commercial, investment, private and central banking, Deloitte professionals have the necessary skills to help our clients face these challenges.

Deloitte service offering

Deloitte provides companies with a broad range of services to respond to a fast and ever-changing environment:

Customer practice offerings

Deloitte’s customer practice offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that are brought together to solve customer-facing issues and increase the top line of the company.

Deloitte’s customer practice improves client’s business performance through their marketing sales, service and product management functions. Our work centres around four topics which are our FAMS approach (Focus, Align, Measure and Simplify).


Deloitte’s customer practice offers the following services:

  • Customer insights
  • Pricing and profitability management
  • Sales and channels
  • Marketing and brand effectiveness
  • Promotion and campaign management
  • Product and services
Operational strategy

Deloitte assists its clients defining and shaping their operational strategy. Our practitioners have a deep expertise in designing and implementing optimal target operating models that best address the client’s business strategy. Typical assignments may include:

  • The assessment of organisations’ capabilities
  • The definition of a target operating model
  • Best-owner analyses of infrastructures, in order to establish whether to buy or make the next IT/operational solution
  • The opportunity assessment of shared services or outsourcing projects.
Efficiency improvement & restructuring of operations

Deloitte can provide assistance on a wide range of operational transformation challenges.

Optimising procedures and operations is often the right way to further reduce costs without the heavy impact of a big investment. Our expert consultants can guide our clients in improving their processes and assist them in their reengineering projects.

Deloitte has developed a Strategic Cost Reduction Methodology, allowing organisations to identify and implement a variety of cost reduction initiatives, from short term “quick wins” to building “low cost operating models”.

Ensuring that investments in IT generate business value and mitigating the risks usually associated with IT are the primary goals of information technology governance. Our specialized team can help clients achieve these goals by implementing an organizational structure with well-defined roles and responsibilities.

The integration phase following a merger or an acquisition can be complex and prevent the organisation from achieving expected synergies. Deloitte offers Post Merger Integration services targeted at ensuring value creation remains at the heart of all integration efforts.

Package selection and implementation

We are convinced that important investment decisions such as the choice of a software package require the application of rigorous methods. Deloitte has, over the years, developed an in-depth knowledge of most systems relevant for the banking industry, as well as accelerators to ease the selection process.

Our practitioners are able to assist you build strong business cases to support your decision making process.

Once the package has been selected, Deloitte will support you at every stage of the implementation project: detailed gap analysis, set up of the system, test strategy and execution, training, change management, conversion and post go-live assistance. We are clearly implementation focused and have a proven track record in the implementation of most packages used in the industry (Olympic, T24, SAP, Calypso, Triple A, SimCorp products ...).

Project management

Good project management is what makes the difference between success and failure. At Deloitte we consider that project management is at the heart of our service offering. Our consultants regularly receive training on PMM4, our Project Management Methodology.

Based on PMI, PMM4 was designed to meet client and practitioner needs. It presents the following characteristics:

  • Deliverables-based—Allows for the iterative nature of project management processes.
  • Scalable—Fits any project regardless of size or scope and accommodates each project’s unique requirements.
  • Rich in information—Houses extensive information about method processes, work distribution, and deliverable creation.
  • Based on experience—Allows practitioners to reuse, rather than replace, the vast experience and knowledge of our practice.
  • Based on best practices—Reflects Deloitte best practices and industry research and experience, allowing Deloitte practitioners to share a common language worldwide.

PMM4 is supported by a web-based tool, which includes approaches, templates and best practices, directly available to our consultants enabling Deloitte to deliver high value in short time.


Beyond the methodology, Deloitte has a team of consultants experienced in building Project Management Offices (PMOs) to help our clients deliver complex programmes.