Advisory & consulting


Globalisation, convergence, and new technologies are creating new opportunities and challenges for banking and securities firms. They have to face ever-changing regulations and keeping up with them can be both timely and costly.

To achieve profitable growth, banking and securities firms need to:

  • Leverage the benefits of new technologies
  • Extend profitable customer relationships
  • Capitalise on regional and economic integration
  • Manage the risks of volatile global markets
  • Generate profitable growth and build shareholder value

Why Deloitte?

  • Flexible and collaborative service
  • A local team with national and global reach
  • Deep industry knowledge delivered by core team leaders
  • High focus on quality and constant attention to deadlines
  • “Expert to expert” consulting practice
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Industry-focused, issue-centric approach

The banking and securities industry experience of the Deloitte member firms enables our experts to deliver tailored solutions to help our clients face the most complex business challenges and maximise market opportunities, improve business performance and create competitive advantage.

Deloitte services offering

Deloitte provides companies with a broad range of services to respond to a fast and ever-changing environment:

ACG service offering