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Your challenge

AIFMD now !

  • As AIFMD will fundamentally modify the landscape for all non-UCITS and especially alternative products in the next 5 years, you have to formulate your strategy to be AIFMD compliant
  • With more than 500 pages of details (directive and consultation) and first implementation in 2013, you are not sure whether you have enough information on the various issues raised

Our solution

Deloitte AIFMD experts’ team offers:

  • Transfer of knowledge and capacity from our subject matter experts
  • Readiness assistance, with Executive Management briefings and training to ensure that you know what you need in order to formulate your AIFMD strategy
  • Scope analysis:
    • Are you in scope or not at product level?
    • As a management company, are you in scope or not?
  • Gap analysis:
    • As a custodian, what should you do to comply with new rules?
  • Man co structure and AIFMD Passport filing preparation, in order to be ready in 2013
  • Roll-out services : AIFMD Implementation Strategy and Planning

This flyer is also available in German.

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