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Your challenge

Cloud computing – IT outsourcingEach IT outsourcing project comes with a number of organisational and technical challenges in the specific context of each organisation. Controls must be adequately defined to demonstrate compliance with Luxembourg regulatory requirements, including customer data confidentiality and data privacy.

  • "Are you aware of the latest developments in CSSF regulations for IT systems?"
  • "Do you have projects to use the IT systems from your Parent Company? Is there a risk for your customer data"
  • "Have you integrated Luxembourg regulatory requirements in this new project?"
  • "Have you planned to notify / present this outsourcing project to the CSSF before going live?"

Our solution

Deloitte assists organisations in addressing compliance of outsourcing projects by in-depth analysis of IT regulatory issues and proposition of pragmatic technical and organisational solutions:

  • Compliance analysis: gap analysis of projects against regulatory requirements
  • Practical recommendations to achieve and sustain IT compliance
  • Assistance in communications with the Regulator: preparation or quality review of CSSF application files and participation in meetings with the regulator
  • Definition of target operating models: identification of target IT architectures, processes and organisational models to ensure compliance

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