Art as an investment

Why should art be considered as an asset class?


  • Globalisation and research - With the long-termed, worldwide trend of increasing wealth, alongside the growth in knowledge about collectible markets, a much larger community has started to be interested in collecting and/or investing in rare collectible assets.
  • Art in the overall asset allocation strategy – Art is attractive from a financial investment point of view over the long run as it is a store of value that generated moderate positive real return. Art has also a low correlation with stocks and bonds which offer diversification possibilities.
Art as an investment
  • New types of collective investment vehicles dedicated to art or other collectible assets – Several new different initiatives around the world search to securitise several billion of US$ of artwork, such as art investment funds, tradable art structures products or dedicated art trading exchanges.
  • Increasing interest from the financial industry – We can see the development of art services among the financial institutions. The offering mainly consist of three categories of art services: art advisory services, art lending and art investment services.
  • Increasing transparency – The art market is becoming more and more transparent due to research in finance and economics as well as date dissemination.

Deloitte solutions

At Deloitte, we provide intelligence on art as an asset class, as well as art-related advisory services to individuals, institutions and advisors that own or manage art assets worldwide.

We work closely with academic and professional experts who are at the top of research in art valuation and in the study of art as a financial investment, such as the Maastricht University, ArtTactic, ArtInsight, Mei Moses founders, Sotheby’s Institute, etc.

Our intent is to monitor and create awareness of art as an asset class. In this context, we organize each year the Deloitte Art & Finance Conference that addresses the business opportunities art and collectible assets could generate.

Aware that private bankers and advisers are willing to respond to the recognition of art as an investment class, we also organise Art & Finance seminars to educate financial professionals. Those seminars are open forums for wealth management opportunities not only in terms of investments but also in terms of services associated to advisory and lending services.