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A strategic approach to cultural planning, development and management

Deloitte cultural projects servicesThe last 20 years have been characterised by a market transformation of the cultural sector creating demand for a new approach.

New museums – both public and private – have sprung up all over the place, with a significant development of the museum industry in emerging countries (the Middle East, Asia, South America), forcing established and new cultural institutions to be more competitive and better positioned on a global market.

Due to the economic crisis, governments and sponsors have cut grants to cultural institutions and government policies encourage museums to raise their own funds and generate additional income streams. Governments promote greater autonomy/privatisation of cultural institutions and pressure them to be accountable and use funds efficiently.

Private and public investors are also increasingly aware of the impact of the cultural sector on the economy. Governments establish ‘creative cities/cultural districts’ to promote economic development.

In this context, cultural institutions, public authorities and private investors are increasingly seeking advice to improve their competitive position in the cultural sector.

Deloitte offers stakeholders of the cultural sector a fresh and independent view on the development, implementation and day-to-day management of cultural facilities and projects.

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