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In today’s ever changing digital world, is your strategy and online presence right?

Digital strategy services for Art Market professionals

  • How do we engage in the digital environment? How is digital innovation being used in the art market?
  • Are we achieving the optimum level of return from our digital investment?
  • What do our customers want and what are our competitors doing?
  • How can technology help us offer a better service and reach new customers?
  • What are the latest trends in social media – what are “Tweets”, “Likes” and “Pins”?

These are just some of the questions being asked by today’s art market professionals.

New technologies and digital innovations have forced the television, film, music and literary industries to re-think their business models – as art becomes accessible to new audiences and revenue streams, now is the time for today’s art businesses to evolve too.

Consumer demand

There is a clear desire from consumers to experience, consume and buy art online – websites are not just publishing channels; they can be interactive platforms allowing your customers to engage with art in unique ways.

A lucrative, thriving market

The past decade has seen major growth in the online art market – in 2011, online art sales in the US totalled more than $280 million. There are now more than 300 established players in the digital art market covering a wide range of industries including:

  • Information hubs & data providers
  • Sales
  • B2B art consultancy
  • Culture / museum / art tourism and experience
  • Creative crowd funding
  • Social Media for art taste and art community

Understanding your customers and their needs better

Through social media, today’s consumers now have a platform to create, distribute and aggregate their opinions – a true “game changer” that is shifting power away from the structure previously monopolized by arbiters of taste, such as mega–dealers and auction houses.

Embracing digital technologies

Investment in digital technologies can accentuate business performance and help promote your brand and services thereby increasing loyalty with your existing customer base and attracting new customers.

How Deloitte can help

Whether “going digital” is new to you or you are a “digital native”, our expertise in the art market, digital strategy and customer practice can assist your digital transformation.


Our dedicated digital practitioners can work with you, from a quick assessment to a complete strategy formulation, to bring your digital strategy to life, helping you meet the realities of today… and tomorrow.

Web & Mobile

From strategy and development through to implementation, we can help you to realise innovative and bold web and App solutions to help deliver a powerful online and mobile presence to boost your business.


It’s time to embrace the power of relationships and the impact of social networks on decision making, information sharing, and business as usual. Deloitte can develop your understanding of how using social platforms across your business can engage users, cultivate interactions, and ultimately deliver revenue.

Having a digital strategy is a business imperative.

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