Art investment funds and financial centres: Opportunities for development


In the context of the art and finance conference organised by Deloitte and scheduled for 1st October 2008 in Luxembourg, this strategic discussion paper aims to describe and explain the current rise of art as a new asset class. It also aims to outline the opportunities which should arise from the emergence of the new financial service niche which will result from this phenomenon.

This initial discussion forms part of a more detailed investigation that Deloitte proposes to organise with all relevant stakeholders in Luxembourg. It aims to carry out a wide-ranging assessment of the potential opportunities that this new niche has to offer for the country’s financial and cultural sectors.

Paul Beaulieu
, Ph.D.
Professeur at l’École des Sciences de la gestion at the University of Quebec in Montreal, and Academic Expert at the Luxembourg School of Finance.

Adriano Picinati di Torcello
, M.Sc. (Banking and Finance).
Senior Manager ERS-Investment Management at Deloitte Luxembourg.