Deloitte Luxembourg inaugurates charity art sale - 18/12/2012


Matt Lamb retrospective: Deloitte Luxembourg inaugurates charity art sale in support of World Peace Forum with guest of honour Laurent Le Bon

Deloitte Luxembourg inaugurated on Thursday evening a charity art sale by the exceptional Irish-American painter Matt Lamb, organised in support of the World Peace Forum.*

The art sale, which was opened by guest of honour Laurent Le Bon, Director of the Centre Pompidou Metz, exhibits 70 paintings of the artist in the reception hall of Deloitte and can be visited until 31 January 2013. The proceeds of every piece of art sold will be donated to the World Peace Forum.

The selection of the works shown was composed by Dr. Michael Schäbitz, curator of the Schengen Peace Foundation’s collection and art gallerist in Berlin.

Vincent Gouverneur, partner at Deloitte Luxembourg, and together with Deloitte partner Thierry Hoeltgen and in charge of the firm’s ‘Art & Finance’ initiative, commented: “Deloitte is delighted and honoured to host the ‘Matt Lamb Retrospective’ with the great support of the World Peace Forum and to welcome Laurent Le Bon as guest speaker in our premises. The worlds of business and arts have always been intertwined. Both require creativity, conceptual skills and a solution-oriented attitude. This exhibition will therefore serve us as a source of inspiration on a day-to-day basis in the coming weeks. And I am especially pleased, of course, that the proceeds will go to a good cause.”

Born in 1932, Matt Lamb was an internationally recognised, self-taught painter whose works are represented in public and private collections throughout the world. Consistently developing new techniques and with a style uniquely his own, Lamb is now considered a great innovator in contemporary art. He died in February 2012.

Dominicus Rohde, President of the Schengen Peace Foundation and founder of the World Peace Forum, said: “The passing into another world of a great champion of peace overshadowed our year: Matt Lamb, one of the founders of the Schengen Peace Foundation, passed away in February, just a few days before his 80th birthday.
We are very thankful to Deloitte Luxembourg for organising this retrospective homage to this exceptional artist, whose generous donation of 148 of his art works initiated the Collection of the Schengen Peace Foundation, an idea which many artists and collectors have followed since.”

Matt Lamb® Museums can be found around the world in Argentina, Russia and Germany. Recent one-man museum exhibitions were held at The Russian State Museum, Centre Picasso (Spain), Museum de la Pia Almoina (Barcelona’s Cathedral Square), Maricel Museum (Sitges, Spain), and the Kleisthaus (Berlin, Germany).

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