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  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), a shared future together | Brochure
    Business Process Outsourcing is like getting married – two parties decide to start a shared future together.
  • Organisations are not ready to adjust to 21st century workforce - 31/03/2014
    Survey reveals that organisations are not ready to address the striking shift in employee expectations, resulting in potential retention and leadership crises.
  • Global Human Capital Trends 2014 | Whitepaper
    This report is a special excerpt from our global survey of over 2,500 business leaders, capturing results from all of the world’s major economic regions.
  • Subsidy for vocational training - Your opportunity, our solution | Brochure
    Continuous vocational training legislation enables companies legally based in Luxembourg and with their main business activity there to benefit from support in funding their training plans.
  • What Generation Y wants from business and the workplace - 22/01/2014
    Big demands and high expectations characterise the results of the 3rd Millennial Survey. 70% of tomorrow’s future leaders might reject what business as traditionally organised has to offer.
  • The open talent economy - Talent management 2.0 | Podcast
    Filip Gilbert and Karine Pontet introduce the Open Talent Economy and discuss how it differs from the traditional vision of talent management.
  • Generation why? - Attracting the bankers of the future | Whitepaper
    For bankers, managing the aftermath of the financial crisis must have often felt like a war of attrition, with battles won swiftly followed by new and tougher challenges.
  • The open talent economy - People and work in a borderless workplace | Whitepaper
    Welcome to the open talent economy — a collaborative, transparent, technologyenabled, rapid-cycle way of doing business.
  • Deloitte N°1 outsourcing advisor and human capital strategy leader - 15/07/2013
    Reaffirming its presence in the industry, Deloitte has been ranked number one for The World's Best Outsourcing Advisors of 2013 by the IAOP®.
  • Deloitte Luxembourg presents the 2013 survey on future HR trends - 03/07/2013
    The survey of over 1,300 organisations in 59 countries, including Luxembourg, outlines 13 global trends that are driving critical business and human capital decisions.
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