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  • Deloitte recognised as 'Best Healthcare Advisory Firm - Strategy' - 20/06/2014
    During the very first Healthcare Summit, held on 5 June 2014, Deloitte Luxembourg was awarded 'Best Healthcare Advisory Firm - Strategy'.
  • Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2013 | Whitepaper
    This Deloitte report is the fourth in an annual series exploring the pharmaceutical industry’s performance in generating a return from its investment in new product innovation.
  • Re-engineer your supply chain to save lives | Whitepaper
    Healthcare organisations across the globe are struggling to provide the right drug in the right doses to the right patient across the right route, at the right time.
  • 2014 Global life sciences outlook | Whitepaper
    The report outlines the top issues facing global life sciences stakeholders, provides a snapshot of activity in a number of geographic markets, and suggests considerations.
  • Healthcare 3.0 - Healthcare for the new normal | Whitepaper
    Economic prosperity, aging population, the growing middle income population and sensitive public policy are key demand drivers of better healthcare and infrastructure.
  • Working differently to provide early diagnosis | Whitepaper
    Early diagnosis of disease is better for patients and makes good economic sense.
  • Deloitte’s 2013 survey on the perceptions of healthcare consumers - 03/02/2014
    According to the latest results of the 2013 Deloitte study on the health sector in Luxembourg, the quality of services and the use of new technologies are the main concerns of Luxembourg patients.
  • Luxembourg: Un système de santé en évolution face à des défis majeurs | Whitepaper
    Savoir que l’on peut être soigné rapidement selon des normes de qualité élevées a toujours été au cœur des principales préoccupations collectives de nos sociétés modernes.
  • The Luxembourg Healthcare industry - Risks and challenges | Podcast
    Luc Brucher and Karine Pontet look at the situation of the healthcare industry in Luxembourg and present the main perceptions that healthcare consumers have of the industry.
  • Etude Deloitte 2013 sur les consommateurs de soins de santé au Luxembourg | Whitepaper
    Similitudes, changements et nouveautés en matière d’attentes et de comportements des consommateurs de soins de santé face au système de santé luxembourgeois.
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