Survey Reports

Our surveys capture some of the most happening trends in the country !!!.

Despite global recognition for whistleblower hotlines as key channels to detect fraud, it has been established that India has had very little success in this area. One of the major reasons being the ‘tick in the box’ approach adopted by companies when they set out to implement a whistleblower program. The Whistleblowing mechanisms are faced with numerous challenges. Learn about the key challenges and ways to combat them with the Whistleblowing Survey 2014 titled: Making Whistleblowing programs successful in corporate India.
The Energy & Resources ERM Benchmark Survey has been designed to assess the overall maturity level of energy and resources companies’ ERM and risk management activities, and to help identify new challenges, critical issues and risks they may be facing today and in the future.
 India CFO Survey 2014-Hope prevails:The Deloitte India CFO Survey 2014 provides a perspective on how CFO opinions are evolving with respect to the changing economic and global scenarios, slowing consumer demand and increasing organizational pressures to maintain margins and profitability. This report provides CFOs with analysis and information on their peers' thinking on a cross section of topics including economic outlook, financial market dynamics, business trends, as well as their organizations and functional roles.
Annual Compensation & Benefits Trends Survey India FY 2014-15: Deloitte Human Capital Consulting in India recently concluded a cross industry Compensation Trends Survey that provided key insights on salary increments, variable pay trends, attrition rates, key HR challenges, benefits provided by organizations and measures to manage and reward their critical talent. The online survey was launched for the first time and a total of 209 companies participated in the survey.
CII-Deloitte Innovation and Knowledge Management Survey-Impact of Disruptive Technologies: Deloitte and CII carried out a survey of Indian companies with an objective to understand the current maturity and focus on Knowledge Management (KM) and innovation, as well as future vision, directions, and plan to leverage these trends, and underlying components of disruptive technologies, to drive business growth.
Human Capital Trends 2013 | Resetting Horizons: Looking beyond continued uncertainty, the world’s leading organizations are raising their sights, and pivoting from the great recession to the new horizons of 2020 with a focus on talent, globalization, growth, and innovation. This report introduces 13 global trends that are driving critical business and human capital decisions.
The report provides information on these trends across global markets through results of a survey of over 1,300 business and HR professionals from 59 countries.
Cost of Compliance in Manufacturing: This CII - Deloitte Report takes a closer look at outdated requirements, unfriendly procedures, lack of clarity in rules / legislations and other key issues faced across company structure, employee, environmental, and factory related compliances