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MA/01/2013 Accumulated loss and unabsorbed depreciation of an amalgamating company available to an amalgamated company
MA/07/2012 Central Board of Direct Taxes amends rules for determining ‘fair market value’ of equity shares of unlisted companies
MA/06/2012 Supreme Court Rules – ‘Goodwill’ is an intangible asset eligible for depreciation u/s 32 of the Income tax Act.
MA/05/2012 Slump sale by way of Scheme of Arrangement taxable as capital gains
MA/04/2012 A sale transaction characterized as ‘itemised sale’ by the tax payer could be treated as a ‘slump sale’ based on the substance of the transaction.
MA/03/2012 Intangible assets such as know-how, business contracts, business information, etc. acquired are eligible for depreciation
MA/02/2012 Buyback of shares of a 100% subsidiary liable to capital gains tax
MA/01/2012 Slump Sale of an Undertaking - Negative ‘Networth’ cannot be considered as part of Sale Consideration, but should be added to the Sale Consideration for computing capital gains.
MA/10/2011 Loss arising on account of reduction in share capital cannot be allowed as it is notional in nature
MA/09/2011 Sale of shares of a closely held company recharacterised as sale of its underlying asset
MA/08/201 Delhi Tribunal holds that the provisions of Section 72A would be applicable only when ‘amalgamating company’ and not ‘amalgamated company’ has accumulated losses
MA/07/2011 SEBI has on 1 August 2011 issued a concept paper and draft regulations for AIF for public comments by 30 August 2011
MA/06/2011 CBDT Guidelines for prior permission to transfer or create a charge on the assets
MA/05-1/2011 Transfer of undertaking in exchange for issue of preference shares and bonds not a ‘slump sale’ and not taxable as capital gains
MA/05/2011 Provisions of the Competition Act, 2002 relating to Combinations and Regulations of Combinations brought into force
MA/04/2011 Sale price of shares cannot be apportioned towards transfer of “controlling interest”, where there is no express written understanding.
MA/03/2011 ALP of slump sale to be determined using valuation report, failing which IT WDV can be considered as a reasonable methodology
MA/02/2011 Consideration paid for goodwill on acquisition of running business is eligible for depreciation
MA/01/2011 Goodwill paid for commercial rights in the form of knowhow, technical information, etc. are eligible for depreciation
MA/11/2010 Conversion of units of UTI into UTI tax free bonds would not be treated as transfer
MA/10/2010 The Direct Taxes Code Bill, 2010
MA/09/2010 Transfer of shares by a foreign company to its wholly owned Indian subsidiary not taxable in India – Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR)
MA/08/2010 Full value of consideration is totally different from the concept of Fair market value
MA/07/2010 Highlights of Supreme Court decision on NCLT issue
MA/06/2010 Conversion of Company into Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) - Amendment to Finance Bill 2010
MA/05/2010 FEMA – Change in Pricing Guidelines for issue of shares to non-residents