CFO Challenges

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Center

The role of today’s chief financial officer (CFO) is more complex than ever. CFOs are managing people, systems and technology infrastructure in the air of intense regulatory scrutiny. They're driving or adapting to strategic shifts in their companies' business models. And as always, they're ensuring that the finance organization performs its core accounting and reporting duties effectively and efficiently. As the role continues to expand and evolve, it's no wonder many financial leaders are frustrated by ever-increasing demands on their time and resources.

 Recession, How Will You Play to Win? Recession, How Will You Play to Win?
A brief offering perspectives on how CFOs can create and execute playbooks to manage liquidity, navigate the downturn, prepare for recovery and manage risk.
 When CFOs Debate When CFOs Debate
What keeps you awake at night? When CFOs Debate is a workbook designed to help you think through nine important issues facing CFOs today.
 Breathing lessons Breathing lessons: How CFOs can thrive under pressure
Our seventh book in the Straight Talk Series helps CFOs understand which activities and investments are truly worthwhile – and which ones are best left to someone else.
 Deloitte CFO survey: Digging in for the downturn Deloitte CFO survey: Priorities for 2009
The Q4 2008 report shows that CFOs are maximizing cash flow, bolstering investor confidence, and curbing costs.