International Strategic Tax Review

Published 2 July 2012

Today's economic environment presents an opportunity to challenge the status quo and minimise global taxation. Enhanced global tax and treasury strategies empower organisations to do more with less, share knowledge globally, and leverage best practices into regional or global business models.

Is it time to invigorate your global tax and treasury strategy and reposition your company for sustainable tax reduction?

International Strategic Tax Review (ISTR) professionals within the Deloitte network of member firms (Deloitte) can help.

ISTR delivers a business case for change, providing global strategic direction which addresses your company's tax, treasury, and operational objectives. Working with multinational companies on international tax engagements, Deloitte has progressively refined the process of devising and deploying a high-quality global tax and treasury strategy. Deloitte employs these best practices when executing an ISTR.

For organisations with global operations, ISTR can be instrumental in helping to design and execute global tax planning. The review provides a focused analysis of the primary drivers of an organisation's global tax rate.

Deloitte delivers International Strategic Tax Review services using the ISTR Insight methodology, part of the Deloitte Tax Insight suite of services, a set of experience based approaches to developing solutions to a range of tax issues and opportunities.