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Deloitte Analytics in Ireland deliver solutions to data, technology and business challenges. Our comprehensive approach to analytics is fueled by our deep industry knowledge, broad functional experience, and mastery of technology. 

We collaborate with you to help you understand which questions matter most to your business, and we help you answer them.

The European Insurance Forum 2013

The European Insurance Forum is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2013, with ‘Facing the Future of Risk’ as this year’s theme.

Deloitte are pleased to be sponsoring this forum which will gather some of the leading minds and voices in the European re/insurance industry to examine the importance, and relevance, of the industry both within the largest trading bloc in the world, and in a global context.

EIF2013 takes place in Dublin during Ireland’s European Presidency, and on Europe Day, reflecting the European focus of Ireland’s international re/insurance market.


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Get a fresh perspective

The pressure is on. Globalised competition, data overload, and more stringent risk and compliance requirements have put most businesses to the test. Many are turning to analytics to gain insight and enhance performance. Weaving analytics into the organisational fabric can position your business for strategic, competitive, and cost advantages—an edge you need to thrive under pressure.

And that’s just the beginning. We also bring a fresh perspective on the role your organisational culture plays in the success of technology projects. We recognise that, to drive value from analytics, the ethos of fact-based decision-making must be embedded into the culture. We’ll work with you to build that culture and maximize the value of your data—from the inside out.