Resilience & Business Continuity

Create a truly resilient business

Disaster recovery or business continuity has typically described the planning and preparations put in place to respond to a major disruption, such as a fire, flood or terrorist attack.

Companies today are seeking a new level of business continuity management (BCM) - going beyond traditional business continuity plans that focus on recovery to create a new approach in which they predict and isolate events before adverse effects can occur.

What will it take for your organisation to get there?
In today's environment, the approach to business continuity needs to be more comprehensive. It should not be limited to dealing only with major operational disruptions. An organisation needs to be resilient so that it is able to absorb, respond to and recover from any type of event, including being prepared to respond quickly to the impacts of the current volatile economic environment.

Our BCM framework involves the development of a long-range capability. It’s more than just a plan. We guide your organisation toward “enterprise resiliency,” a predictive model that, when implemented, can help your company to pre-emptively recognise and respond to a threat before it becomes a crisis.

This model encompasses key assets that an enterprise needs to support successful recovery during a declared disaster. And it advances the BCM focus from operational imperatives to strategic management imperatives.

Resilience is broader: it is about being prepared for any event, large or small, commercial or operational. Deloitte focuses on all aspects of resilience, from the data centre to the board. Discover the advantages of our BCM framework. It can make a world of difference for your company.

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