Private matters

September 2013 issue

Welcome to the September 2013 issue of Private Matters.

In the latest edition of Private Matters you will find insightful Deloitte commentary on a wide variety of topics including the results of our 2013 Information Security and Cybercrime Survey and our pre-Budget publication. This month, we feature articles on issues arising from an increasing pension age, the importance of shareholders’ agreements and incorporating property assets, among others. We also enclose our regular personal deposit rates comparative schedule. 

At Deloitte Private, we understand that establishing, maintaining and growing a business in today’s challenging environment brings with it a whole range of complex issues. Private Matters will focus on the priorities for private companies, family businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organisations in Ireland.

More Latest issue

  • Good Corporate Governance - how does your business measure up?
    September 2013
    In this article, Linda Murray focuses on the importance of good corporate governance to your business.
  • The Future of Irish GAAP
    September 2013
    In this article, Laura Hunter provides a synopsis of the new simplified accounting framework (FRS 102).
  • Shareholder agreements in family companies
    September 2013
    Alison McHugh looks at the importance of shareholder agreements in family companies.
  • Personal deposit rates comparative schedule
    September 2013
    Schedule of monthly deposit rates in Ireland.
  • Increasing State Pension Age – How will you cope?
    September 2013
    In this article, Naomi Reville outlines the factors for employers to consider as the State pension eligibility age increases.
  • Incorporation of property assets
    September 2013
    Cáit Monagher considers the use of property holding structures from an estate planning perspective and as a means for achieving lower effective tax rates.