Corporate and Legal

In today’s compliance focused environment, company directors and secretaries are under increased pressure to ensure corporate compliance. The consequences of non-compliance can result in fines, penalties and potential director prosecutions as well as reputational damage for both the company and its officers. 

The Deloitte Private team can assist you in meeting these requirements, providing swift, cost effective, practical advice and assistance in a complex world of regulation, deadlines and penalties.

 Annual compliance services:

  • Monitoring, preparing and filing of annual returns
  • Minimum accounts disclosure
  • Assistance with preparation of statutory director and shareholder minutes
  • Provision of registered office
  • Maintenance of statutory registers

Specialist transaction advice:

  • Company formations
  • Corporate simplifications
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Company, officer, shareholder changes
  • Non disclosure information structures
  • Statutory health checks

How we can help internationally

  • External company formations
  • International coordination of your corporate filing requirements