Pensions and investments

For companies 

We bring a dynamic solution based approach to assisting our clients realise their financial objectives; whilst Deloitte’s inter disciplinary approach to problem solving allows us to ensure that our advice is relevant, independent, tax efficient and maximises all available opportunities. 

Through a company structure there may be wider opportunity for funding retirement for directors, shareholders and key executives.  We can review existing pension provision and help identify the most suitable pension structure and investment strategy to ensure that target benefits for retirement are attainable for key personnel.   

Business Protection is an area of importance to many of our clients who wish to take steps to minimise risk to their business through the loss of a partner, a director or an integral member of staff either through death or serious illness.  Various types of cover are available including Co-Director Cover, Partnership Cover and Keyperson Insurance.  

The most appropriate type of cover for any private company will depend on the nature and circumstances of that business.  

 For individuals 

Our pensions and investments team have extensive knowledge and experience in financial planning for individuals both pre and post retirement. We work with company executives, business owners and private individuals and bring a dynamic solution based approach to assisting our clients realise their financial objectives. 

We work with individuals and their employers to ensure provision is in place for the desired scenario at retirement. This might include advice relating to products, funding levels, investment selection and transition solutions.  Additionally we have broad experience in monitoring and advising clients on managing their wealth post-retirement.  

We work with our clients to ensure adequate provision is in place to safeguard their family from any significant change in standard of living in the event of either the inability to continue working or in the event of their untimely death.  We have extensive experience of advising individual clients on Income Protection, Specified Illness and Life Assurance Cover.