Programme Leadership services

We take a holistic view of a client's enterprise, from strategy to implementation and delivery. Our programme leadership services can be offered separately or part of a wider project, including:

Enterprise portfolio management (EPM)
EPM is the integrated approach to delivering business changes, creating a means for continuous delivery. It is the capability to lead and manage resources, knowledge and skills in the effective deployment of multiple projects designed to collectively deliver enhanced value.

Transformation leadership
Increasing numbers of high-profile, complex, strategic initiatives are taking place that are a step change up from normal programmes due to their uniqueness, size, duration and visibility. Programme leadership recognises that identifying and implementing the right delivery support model can be a critical differentiator between failure and success for these programmes. Our transformation leaders supported by their teams are capable of leading these complex programmes; they are individuals who bring the increased level of skills and experience required to shape and deliver complex transformational change.

Programme assurance and risk management
Assurance provides greater confidence to senior management by increasing the level of control and reducing the risk of executing programmes. This increases the probability of successful delivery and achievability of intended benefits of change programmes. Programme assurance provides management with an independent health-check of the programme.

Intelligent PMO
The intelligent PMO consists of six distinct but interconnected dimensions (programme design, outcome management, programme support, risk and issue management, planning and progress reporting, stakeholder management) that can be adapted according to the type of project/industry. It was developed as a reaction to the typical reasons that standard PMOs fail, focusing on alternative approaches to avoid these pitfalls. It requires experienced technical and industry specialists to resource it and it continuously evolves over the lifecycle of the programme. It is highly proactive, undertaking invasive assurance of projects.

Programme management capability development
Programme leadership is specialised in delivering the core organisational capabilities that are key to project and programme delivery and enables organisations to be agile in response to their environments or markets

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