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Government can put in place a worthy policy and a business can have great products and strategies, but if day-to-day operations are not efficient and effective, customers and citizens will be dissatisfied, profits will be eroded and public money will be wasted.

There is a widespread misperception that a trade-off exists between efficiency and customer service. Yet more often than not, the root causes of waste and customer dissatisfaction are one and the same. Understand what your customer really values and focus relentlessly on delivering that to the exclusion of all else and productivity will improve.

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The need for a major focus on operations excellence can arise from a number of marketplace drivers, including:

  • Post-merger integration
  • Entering a new business or creating a new operation
  • The need to radically restructure costs in the face of shifting market dynamics or public expenditure constraints
  • The need to keep up with ever evolving customer needs and tastes

These can all create the need for a radical rethink of operating models and an overhaul of key delivery processes.

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