Assessment Centres

A robust recruitment and selection process that ensures a candidate has the right capabilities to excel in the role is essential for effective performance. Deloitte’s assessment centre solutions assist our clients in hiring candidates with the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver on organisational objectives, thus giving a more accurate person-job fit. Key features of our Assessment Centres include:

Bespoke Solution
- We work closely with our clients to design a bespoke assessment solution that is rooted in your strategy and will best meet the needs of your business.

Competency Modelling
- Along with conducting a complete role analysis to define the core competencies that candidates require, we use the Lominger Leadership Architect and a best practice ‘sorting’ approach to facilitate the competency modelling process. This thorough approach ensures the competency framework is future focused and aligned to your business strategy.

Assessor Training
- We partner with you at each stage of the process and provide comprehensive assessor training to up-skill the client team in behavioural assessment methodology.

Innovation & Technology - As part of our bespoke solution, we can design virtual assessment centres that are effective in assessing candidates, whilst saving time and money during the selection process.

Business Focus
- Our assessors are drawn from a mix of occupational psychologists and business professionals. This ensures that we bring both best practice assessment techniques and deep industry knowledge and experience into our assessment solutions. We also use trained actors in our simulation exercises to ensure that the experience is as close to reality as possible.

Facilitated Integration Sessions
– As part of the Assessment Centre process, we facilitate a ‘wash up’ or integration session with all assessors present. This provides a fair and objective review of all of the evidence and feedback collected at the centre in order to inform the selection or promotion decision. We also bring a wealth of experience across a range of industry sectors and role levels to assist you in making these decisions.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Assessment & Development team with any queries you might have.