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In an increasingly challenging business environment, organisations may be tempted to regard compliance as non-essential expenditure. However, history has taught us that organisations that fail to adequately secure their IT infrastructure can suffer hugely as a result, both in terms of direct financial loss and collateral reputational impairment.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are at the heart of many organisations’ business processes and are, therefore, susceptible to misuse, fraud, inappropriate data access or accidental damage. Such occurrences can usually be traced back to users having excessive access to these systems, weak internal controls within the organisation or an incomplete understanding among IT staff of the business risks involved.

In addition to these internal risks, there are also external factors that influence the organisation’s ability to compete. Legal and regulatory forces, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FDA requirements and diverse foreign trade regulations all affect an organisation operating in the global marketplace.

To help our clients meet these diverse compliance requirements, Deloitte Consulting, in conjunction with our colleagues in Enterprise Risk Services (ERS), provides a comprehensive solution to our clients, helping them manage internal risks, as well as satisfying external requirements.

Deloitte has strong relationships with all major ERP vendors, such as Oracle and SAP, and is the SAP Global Implementation Partner for SAP’s GRC product suite. We have completed a number of successful engagements within the Irish market for clients such as Glanbia, Bank of Ireland and Kingspan.

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