Enterprise Cost Reduction

In a challenging economic climate, many organisations have plenty of cost saving ideas and have had continual attempts at cost-saving programmes. However, there is a level of frustration among senior management, as they do not see their internal programmes result in long-term sustainable cost reduction.

A recent Deloitte survey revealed that cost pressures are top of the boardroom agenda but responses to the issue are mixed:

  • The results revealed current cost improvement efforts to be pervasive and incremental, but not transformational or geared towards addressing fundamental cost drivers
  • Incremental approaches are often favoured to meet short-term investor expectations
  • Companies are setting relatively low goals and then struggling to achieve the conservative targets

In addition, many organisations implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and then expect that cost reduction ‘will just happen’ as a result.

Deloitte can help clients generate meaningful and sustained cost reductions from their investment in ERP solutions by focusing on relevant system-enabled processes, such as procurement and sales, and targeting key areas for improvement. Our experienced consultants can leverage our deep industry and solution knowledge to identify quick wins, as well as areas for long-term sustained cost reduction.

Together with our Strategy & Operations team, Deloitte’s Enterprise Cost Reduction (ECR) programme provides a broad scope to maximise sustainable savings in all areas of the cost base and can be delivered as a stand-alone ERP service or as part of a wider multidisciplinary offering in conjunction with our Tax, Finance, Human resources and Consulting teams.

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