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Features and insights

  • CFO Forum 2013
    CFOs and finance directors from Ireland’s leading corporates, plcs, semi-state companies and multinationals attended the Deloitte CFO Forum on Thursday May 30th in the Four Seasons hotel. Read highlights of the 2013 event.
  • Deloitte CFO Survey: Q1 2013
    The role of the CFO in challenging times. Q1 2013 has been one of the most positive quarters to date since the Deloitte CFO Survey began, according to the Q1 survey.
  • What is keeping CFOs up at night?
    The pressures on CFOs are enormous — and mounting. But which ones are bubbling to the top and which ones are bubbling over?
  • Turning strategic ambiguity into strategic clarity
    How to leverage data and the planning and performance management cycles to address multiple aspects of strategic risk.
  • Growth strategies: What can work in emerging markets?
    The potential of the emerging markets continues to be compelling. But, what approaches actually work in emerging markets, and how can a CFO know which specific strategy is most appropriate for his or her organisation?