Deloitte CFO Survey: Q3 2013

Achieving sustainable growth?

CFO Survey Q3 2013The findings of the Q3 Deloitte CFO Survey show unanimity (100%) among the CFOs of Ireland’s largest corporates and businesses that the Government should seek a precautionary credit line from the European Stability Mechanism permanent bailout fund once the country has exited the bailout programme.

The finding mirrors a welcoming for the end of the bailout programme, which 52% of CFOs said would have a positive impact on their business. Only 4% of respondents believed that exiting the bailout programme would have a negative impact on their business.

The positive sentiment surrounding the imminent exit from the bailout programme corresponded with a general pick-up in confidence with only 12% of respondents believing that the level of external financial and economic uncertainty facing their businesses was high or very high, dramatically down from 59% in the last quarter.

An improvement in activity was also reported as almost 7 out of 10 CFOs said their business had already returned to growth (68%), with a further 16% expecting it to happen next year. Significantly, over half of CFOs (56%) believe the Irish economy has already returned to growth, with a further 26% expecting it to happen in 2014.

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  • Download the report
    Get the full details of the Q3 2013 results (PDF).