TMT Predictions 2011

lightbulbWhere to for Technology, media & telecommunications (TMT) in 2011? 

Every industry changes over time. But no industry group does so as continuously and rapidly as Technology, Media & Telecommunications. As British humorist and tech observer Stephen Fry noted: “one calendar year= three digital years.” In any industry it would be nice to know what will happen in the near future: in TMT it is indispensable.

How does Deloitte build the Predictions?

Two words: Our networks. Our ten thousand strong network of Deloitte member firm professionals who work in the TMT space is the first step. They provide the initial insights and ideas to draft a list of possible annual Predictions. Only then does our second network come into play. Across all three industries, around the world, and from established industry giants to tomorrow’s start-ups, Deloitte member firm clients are interviewed and asked for feedback, further sharpening the insights that Predictions can provide.

What is the big theme for this year’s Predictions?

It is virtually impossible to reduce eighteen Predictions, spanning topics from TV to hydrogen fuel cells to a single theme. But across many of the Predictions “diversity” is a common element. Deloitte sees a 2011 where consumers and enterprises will be dealing with diversity in hardware computing platforms, in software operating systems and in wireless network access. Supporting different devices across different networks is, of course, not entirely a new phenomenon for TMT...but in 2011 the level of diversity will reach an all time high.


Technology Predictions
Our Predictions for 2011:

  • Tablets in the enterprise: More than just a toy
  • eGov: From option to obligation
  • Smartphones and tablets: More than half of all computers aren’t computers anymore
  • Hydrogen comes out of hiding: The alternative alternative energy source
  • Squeezing the electrons in: Batteries don’t follow Moore’s Law
  • Operating system diversity: No standard emerges on the smartphone or tablet
  • Online regulation ratchets up, but cookies live on

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Media Predictions
Our Predictions for 2011:

  • Push beats pull in the battle for the television viewer
  • DVRs proliferate! The 30 second spot doesn’t die!
  • Social network advertising: How big can it get?
  • Television’s “super media” status strengthens
  • Keeping the life in live: A&R diversifies
  • Pop goes pop-up: Music retail goes seasonal and temporary
  • Games go online and on sale: The audience grows, but at what price?

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Telecommunications Predictions
Our Predictions for 2011:

  • What is “in store” for Wi-Fi: Online comparison shopping on aisle 3
  • Wi-Fi complements cellular broadband for “data on the move”
  • Getting to 4G cheaply: will many carriers opt for 3.5G instead?
  • Video calling: the base goes mainstream, but usage remains niche

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