Indigenous TMT sector

1. Initial stage and concept: Developing the product

ConceptYour situation: 

You make the decision to become an entrepreneur.

A concept is developed in principle and you are trying to put a framework around the move into a revenue-generating and ultimately profitable business. 

With limited personal financial resources you focus on developing your target market and testing the water. As you assimilate as much information as possible, your general approach to the market begins to be formulated.

Key considerations:

  • How will I finance the initial stages of my technology business?
  • How can I focus on product development while dealing with a significant amount of accounting, tax and legal red-tape?
  • Are there issues I need to be aware of now that will have
    far reaching implications for my business at later stages?
  • Should I incorporate my business?

How Deloitte can help:

Next steps:

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