Operational streamlining

Increase efficiency, do things differently

Fund administrators continue to face significant challenges in managing costs under increasing fee pressure while at the same time enhancing services to facilitate client, investor and regulatory requirements. The fund administration market remains fiercely competitive and service providers that implement effective cost management programmes will gain advantage.


Deloitte can assist fund administrators though an enterprise-wide cost reduction programme combining a balance of tactical initiatives and strategic opportunities in order to realise rapid, sizeable and sustainable benefits. Key initiatives we have implemented for fund administrators include process standardisation, automation of manual processes, improved work practices, offshoring/regionalisation and staff development.

Our operational streamlining programmes focus on four key areas:

  1. Business processes reengineering and operations reviews
  2. Service Delivery Model & Organisation Alignment
  3. Spend and demand management reviews
  4. Infrastructure Rationalisation.

Increasing product complexity combined with demands for more middle office services and risk reporting have created opportunities but also challenges for fund administrators. Deloitte has the expertise to design bespoke target operating models for your business that will maximise efficiency in the provision of these services.