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Latest publications

  • Global oil & gas tax newsletter
    Views from around the world
  • Tracking the trends 2013
    The top 10 issues mining companies may face in the coming year
  • All the right elements
    Our expertise in renewable energy
  • Risk-adjusted forecasting and planning
    Navigating the 'new normal' of increased volatility
  • Empowering ideas
    A look at ten of the top emerging issues in the power and utilities sector
  • Energy and Resources: Predictions 2012
    Corporate water footprint: potentially the next 'tipping point' for energy companies
  • Redesigning business value: a roadmap for sustainable consumption - Marguerite Larkin
    Marguerite Larkin, Partner, Consumer Business at Deloitte comments on sustainability in consumer products - “It is evident that Irish consumers and companies are becoming more green aware"
  • Empowering ideas - Michael Flynn
    The need for renewable energy is increasing rapidly around the world and Ireland is no exception. As Deloitte Ireland partner Michael Flynn highlights “In fact, Ireland has the potential to be a major player in the renewable energy industry".
  • Sustainable cost management through energy efficiency
    According to Deloitte Ireland financial services partner Derek Moriarty: “The green agenda provides opportunities for cost reduction, as well as demonstrating good corporate values.”