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  • Political commitment key to delivery of reform plan
    This article by David Hearn first appeared in The Irish Times in November 2011
  • Public sector issues
    Partner Harry Goddard comments on the latest edition of hot topics, which focuses on current issues within Public Body internal audit.
  • University challenges: recent Deloitte research
    Gerard Lyons, Head of Education comments on recent Deloitte research into challenges facing Universities - "the economic crisis is resulting in challenges such as reduction in staff costs, increased demand for student places, and a decrease in funding."
  • Deloitte 2010 education survey
    Key results
  • University sector governance updates
  • What next for the reform of the public sector
    In the second of our series addressing Public Sector Reform, we highlight that the root of the problem in Ireland is the massive fiscal imbalance between expected revenues and promised expenditures, and outlines three steps with which to close this gap.
  • Public sector reform video: lessons for Ireland from Minnesota State
    US partner Steve Dahl talks to Deloitte Ireland's David Hearn about public sector reform in Minnesota
  • Machinery of government: how to reduce the risk
    How to reduce the risk
  • A lasting legacy: how major sporting events can drive positive change
    A major event has the potential to create a lasting legacy that provides the host city or country.
  • Paths to power: advancing women in government
    In many ways the public sector has paved the way for the advancement of women
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