Dynamic Growth Companies

Small and medium sized enterprises

Deloitte KKVWe built our Hungarian Dynamic Growth Program on our deep insight into local markets. In our experience, dynamically growing manufacturing or service companies with Hungarian majority ownership or a Hungarian head office face a number of similar challenges particularly common for this sector. Especially in the current economic environment, it is highly important for these companies to have sound and transparent financial statements and comply with statutory requirements, which often appear fairly unpredictable. Finding the appropriate business partners and investors, as well as having transparent and detailed profitability and feasibility studies made concerning their various projects might be keys to their success.

Building on the benefits and the knowledge base associated with our global presence, our insight into local markets, our diverse industry experience, and the co-operation with various trade chambers our team of experts offers solutions particularly for dynamic-growth companies in their essential or strategic problems.

As part of our integrated consultancy services we offer support for dynamically growing Hungarian medium sized companies through our audit and tax advisory services, as well as in connection with business planning, research and development, and state grants.

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