Central Europe CFO survey

Benchmarking corporate financial attitudes

CE CFO ProgrameData on business attitudes and intentions is important in today's business environment. The semi-annual Deloitte Central Europe CFO survey polls CFOs in the region at companies in a variety of industries. The Deloitte Central Europe CFO Survey provides the Central European business community with an objective overview of some of the factors at play in driving the region's businesses' forward. Key areas of analysis include attitudes to the future of capital, financial prospects, economic uncertainties, risk management, strategic focus, credit availability and M&A activities.  The frank responses of the participants offer unique insights into the views and plans of some of the most important decision-makers in the Central-European business landscape.


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Central European CFO Survey #5
Hungarian CFOs see the current financial outlook brighter

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Contradictory views
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Fighting off recession
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Central European CFOs are unwilling to jeopardise steady recovery