Audit & advisory

Reliability and independence

Audit & advisoryOur objective is to be our client’s trusted business adviser. By understanding our clients’ operations, their industries, and the issues they face, we are able to provide them with timely insights on business conditions, and assist them in assessing their financial and operational preparedness.

Deloitte auditors are a unique source of best practices, through our global network of clients. Leading edge technology, world-class training programs and an industry-focused global approach to client service enable us to act as a “window to the world”.

With a global network applying our robust audit tools, resources and procedures, our professionals are able to deliver our audit services to the highest standards of independence, professional objectivity and technical excellence.

Deloitte understands that our clients expect the highest professional standards of their independent auditor. We exceed these high expectations by enhancing our audits with recommendations and advice on issues related to the client’s financial performance.

Every client is unique, requiring an audit plan tailored to its particular operations, accounting processes, control environment and financial reporting requirements. Our focus is, therefore, both industry-specific and client-specific.

Statutory & International Audit

We perform audits for our clients under both local and International Standards of Auditing. We do this in accordance with the Deloitte International Audit Approach, thus conforming to the quality requirements of our global practice.

Accounting Advisory Services

Changes in accounting legislation present new challenges. Our team of local and international professionals is well placed to help our firm’s clients to achieve compliance, advising on how they might organize their financial reporting processes and helping ensure that accounting operations match the objectives of the business.

Financial Statement Transformation

Many of our international clients find it helpful to have their local financial statements transformed to a familiar format that is in accordance with the accounting principles of their own country. In performing this service, we also provide our clients with additional information and clarification as to the contents of their financial statements.

Financial Reporting

When companies take advantage of domestic and international financial markets to raise capital, it is vital that they adapt their financial reporting systems to the requirements of the regulatory institutions. Our professionals have extensive experience in this area which combined with the international network of our global organization, ensures that we can support our clients in all their ventures.

Review of Accounting Systems and Internal Controls

We review our clients Accounting Systems and Internal Controls and perform specific procedures designed to provide assurance to our clients that they have achieved their objectives related to:

  • effective and efficient financial controls and system;
  • reliable financial statements;
  • compliance with local laws and regulations;
  • compliance with internal company policies and procedures;
  • adequate protection of company assets against fraud.
Accounting Consultation

Deloitte’s Accounting consultation services group helps clients with analysis, interpretation and application of new accounting standards and regulations.


Our professionals understand the value of going beyond just providing client service and actually transferring knowledge. This enables companies to achieve deep and long-lasting improvements in the quality of their financial reporting. This occurs through the day-to-day performance of our services, working alongside our clients’ staff and also in formal seminars. The value of our services lies not only in the deliverables we provide but also in the knowledge our clients acquire when working with us.

Financial Due Diligence

The aim of this service is to protect the interests of potential investors: our professionals use tools that help reduce investment risks. Our multifunctional method provides shareholders, creditors, banks and governmental bodies with comprehensive risk assessment solutions.

Compliance Audit

Contracts and agreements are a critical first step in a business relationship, but they are only paper; their power comes in their enforcement, which begins with auditing.

We assist clients in fulfilling a range of compliance obligations by conducting independent audits and reviews of certain books, records and data. We help our clients identify incidences of non-compliance and increase confidence in the integrity of the information, systems and processes under review. We can also help clients by ensuring financial accounts and reports comply with statutory requirements and assist with statutory books and company secretarial to ensure proper compliance.