Enterprise Programme Management

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How will you get to where you want to be tomorrow? The authors take a look at why Enterprise Programme Management should be on every board’s agenda.

By David Williams and Tim Parr

Deciding on a strategy for your organisation is the easy bit, getting your organisation aligned behind the strategy is more difficult. And a strategy that can not be implemented is of little use — many times the link between investments in programmes and projects and the direction of strategy is often weak or invisible.

Despite the adoption of many project and programme management methods in organisations, a startling number of change initiatives fail to deliver the expected value or improvements to services, cost substantially more and take longer than planned.

In Enterprise Programme Management, the authors argue that the agile and dynamic organisation needs to develop programme management as a core enterprise-wide capability. This starts at board level in translating strategy into a portfolio of investment programmes. Development of structures, systems, processes and new skills to effectively manage and deliver these are critical, but seldom done successfully on an organisation-wide basis. Enterprise Programme Management is the first book of its kind to suggest this new approach. The book acts as a pragmatic guide and a point of reference, drawing on the experience of Deloitte and others in this area as illustrated by six case studies, from both public and private sectors.

"Simply investing is not enough to realise the maximum productivity increase — the process of bringing about change also needs to be as efficient and effective as possible," says Digby Jones,
director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). "It is this latter process, bringing about change in an organisation, ranging from moving a factory, office or warehouse site, implementing a new computer system or way of working to a new organisational structure or culture change that this book addresses."

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Enterprise Programme Management

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