Data analysis and reporting

PencilStakeholders, including regulators, are demanding that organizations improve their sustainability performance and report an array of sustainability data. Deloitte teams can help organizations comply with regulators' demands and report compellingly to key audiences. Deloitte practitioners can provide assurance on sustainability data and reports.For internal stakeholders, Deloitte can provide analytical frameworks and systems on sustainability performance to enable better decision making and strategy setting.

Service offerings:

  • Reporting and assurance
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Compliance services
  • IT systems
  • Risk assessment
  • Natural capital

More Research and Insights

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    Draft Framework's objectives, fundamental concepts, guiding principles and content elements of an integrated report, and guidance on its preparation and presentation
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    Deloitte Netherlands examines how the corporate communications of Dutch listed companies stand compared with the Framework for Integrated Reporting from the IIRC
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    A recent study by DTTL and Deloitte France suggests that a large majority of the Fortune Global 50 companies are communicating publicly about their biodiversity initiatives. And most of the 50 companies report they are taking action to manage biodiversity impacts.
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    This article examines how past, present and future insights can help build a more resilient enterprise, and how analytics capabilities can assess and guide sustainability programs and initiatives.
  • Drivers of long-term business value
    How stakeholders view a company, what they expect of the company, and how they understand the company’s impact on society and the environment, in addition to its financial results, can affect business value. Determining the impact on value of environmental, social and governance issues to multiple stakeholders is becoming central to how many companies craft their sustainability strategy and report on their sustainability performance.
  • Disclosure of long-term business value: What matters?
    Sustained and superior performance depends, in part, on effective measurement, management and disclosure of traditional financial metrics.
  • Integrated reporting
    Deloitte's new whitepaper, Integrated reporting: A better view provides a brief history of reporting trends, a discussion of common challenges, and some practical recommendations for responses to integrated reporting.
  • Paying for nature's services: A new frontier for companies
    Financial markets and business managers have not historically accounted for the true cost of natural capital assets in traditional decision making analysis, primarily because such assets are either not priced, or because the price is set artificially low by governments that act as their stewards. Read more.