Growth and Innovation

The question is not whether to grow. It’s how to grow, profitably. The answer is not easy. Most markets in the developed world are facing saturation, and the developing world is yet to fully live up to its promise. The business environment is becoming more complex and competitive. The capital markets have less tolerance for underperformance. Pursuing growth in times like these requires a new mindset.

Our Growth and Innovation practice helps develop innovative strategies for revenue growth and improved operational performance. We work with senior executives to identify appropriate growth targets, determine where and how to look for growth opportunities, and design optimal growth portfolios for maximizing the chances of their company’s success. We then work side by side with them to execute on those strategies, creating new revenue streams and facilitating business model enhancements to sustain the benefits.

Featured insights

  • Growth’s triple crown: When it comes to exceptional performance, the best companies don’t make trade-offs: They break them
    It is tempting, because it is easy, to succumb to the notion that as companies grow they will see a decline in either or both of their profitability and shareholder returns. But what if it were possible to avoid those trade-offs? What if we could find and learn from those companies that have delivered not only superior growth but also league-leading profitability and shareholder returns at the same time? In other words, what does it take to win growth’s “triple crown”?
  • Tearing Up the Box: Rethinking innovation in emerging markets
    From an emerging market perspective, the real value of innovation is its ability to create prosperity. Prosperity transcends economic growth to establish social stability, educational attainment and increased quality of life, which can be crucial elements in the development of emerging markets. It also helps create a kind of virtuous cycle, creating a foothold for further economic development.
  • Grow for today, or grow for tomorrow?
    Deciding to grow a business is the beginning, not the end, of a complex strategic planning process. One of the most important decisions is where to look for growth: in familiar areas that offer quick returns, or in products, services or markets that represent a departure and may take time to cultivate. The answer can determine not only what your business does next, but what it becomes. Should you seek growth opportunities close to the core, or farther afield?