Social Media Report 2010


Social Media Report 2010As Deloitte reflects on 2010,  we find ourselves celebrating the speed and depth with which Deloitte has taken hold of social media - or that social media has taken hold of us.

We have supported the emergence of a new generation of social media evangelists.  We have drawn on their knowledge and have given them a supportive network to spread the good news.

We have shared our unique governance structure - an interdisciplinary leadership team embracing Online, Digital, Risk, Innovation, Marketing and Information Technology - with other organisations.  We are paving the way with an innovative model that provides thoughtful guidance for our online community.

We have taken care - supported by an open and inclusive social media policy and guidelines - that no heavy hand has been laid on our people to curb their innovation. Our decisions about key strategy and priorities have represented key stakeholders across the business.

During 2010, our involvement in social media grew exponentially: we participated in many national and international forums, and we advised an ever-growing list of clients on a broad range of initiatives.

Read and download Deloitte's Social Media Report 2010Read and download 'The Social Media Report 2010' below, in PDF format.