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Deloitte Global Insights is a regular audio news podcast series that focuses on issues that impact the business community worldwide. Programs take a cross-border view of topics like globalization, technology, talent, sustainability, corporate responsibility, innovation, and much more. Subscribe to the podcast series to receive the latest episodes automatically, or listen to them now on your personal computer.

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Latest podcasts

TMT Predictions 2013: A midyear checkpoint (17:49)
Listen as TMT Predictions 2013 co-authors Paul Lee and Duncan Stewart discuss hits and misses as they review accuracy in the midyear podcast.

Transformation beyond reform: The impact of health care reform on the life sciences industry (17:26)
Listen to the podcast, featuring Deloitte life science and health care industry leaders discussing topics from the Financial Times U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference.

TMT Predictions 2013: The podcast collection (lengths vary, most under 10 minutes)
What's ahead in Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT), and related industries? Listen as co-authors Paul Lee, Duncan Stewart, and guests discuss TMT Predictions 2013.

The Alignment of IFRS for Insurance with Solvency II (14:55)
Listen to Deloitte’s Solvency II and IFRS Insurance Lead Partners discussing, “The Alignment of IFRS for Insurance with Solvency II”.

TMT Predictions 2013: The 2012 Scorecard (09:12)
Listen as Predictions co-authors Duncan Stewart and Paul Lee discuss the 2012 Scorecard and hits & misses from TMT Predictions 2012. Revisit the complete Predictions 2012 podcast collection and stay tuned for new podcasts on 15 January 2013.

Value at risk? The role for life sciences in the new health care era (18:33)
Listen as Deloitte leaders Pete Mooney and Simon Hammett discuss FT Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Conference 2012 topics, including value based pricing (VBP), innovation, and evolving operating models.

TMT Predictions 2012: A midyear checkpoint (18:28)
Listen as co-authors Paul Lee and Duncan Stewart assess the predictions, share insights from global launch events, and provide a preview of TMT Predictions 2013. To hear more, visit the complete list of TMT Predictions 2012 podcasts.

Managing the uncertainty of reform in life sciences and health care (17:35)
Podcast examines potential implications of reform for stakeholders across the global health care continuum. Deloitte leaders discuss key themes from the Financial Times US Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference, including personalized medicine and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER).

Global Powers of Retailing 2012: The podcast (20:58)
Listen as Dr. Ira Kalish, Director of Consumer Business for Deloitte Research, and Vicky Eng of Deloitte Consulting LLP in the United States, discuss "Q ratio", changes retailers can make to stay competitive, and how those change may impact the store environment.

Pricing: A fast track to creating sustainable value (11:22)
John Norkus, Pricing Leader, Consumer Products, and Jack Ringquist, Leader, Global Consumer Business & Transportation Industry, discuss the critical role of pricing in an increasingly complex and increasingly global business environment.

Finance transformation in consumer products: The podcast (10:56)
Listen as Tom Bendert, Global Finance Transformation Leader, Consumer Products, and Jack Ringquist, Global Centers of Excellence Program Leader, Consumer Business & Transportation, discuss the changing role of the finance function in the consumer products sector.

TMT Predictions 2012: The big picture (21:53)
Jolyon Barker talks about overall trends in Technology, Media and Telecommunications for 2012.

Technology overview (5:37)
Eric Openshaw, of Deloitte LLP in the United States, provides an overview of technology trends for 2012 including the rise of big data, hard drive storage, ambient radio frequency power harvesting, 3D printing, the tablet market, and consumer spending.

Media overview (14:59)
Industry specialist Ed Moran talks about Media trends for 2012 including: Use of MRIs for market research, online branding, social gaming, television schedules, television advertising, online coupons, and commuter media viewing.

TMT Predictions 2012: The Telecommunications Overview (18:25)
In the spotlight for this year’s Telecommunications predictions: Devices and data. In this podcast, Phil Asmundson provides an overview of each of the five telecommunications predictions for 2012.

NFC and mobile devices: payments and more! (6:49)
The number of devices with embedded near-field communications (NFC) technology is set to soar to the 300 million level by the end of 2013. Duncan Stewart, co-author of the 2012 Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions, talks about what's ahead for this technology.

Here come more data caps: it’s the end of the (wire)line for unlimited Internet (8:53)
The demand for data has seen many mobile phone networks call time on the “all-you-can-eat” world and 2012 could be the year that a similar trend occurs in the fixed line broadband market.

The $100 smartphone reaches its first half billion (8:28)
Learn about factors fueling the rise of the $100 smartphone, market segments most attracted to the lower-cost devices, and the impact of this trend on related industries.

So many apps – so little to download (9:46)
With so many apps on offer, app-store providers should consider ways to improve and assure the quality of the products available to help drive success.

Web bypass: delivering connectivity without the Internet (9:17)
The strain on networks, both fixed and mobile, may force more people to turn to short-range wireless connections to transfer data. Paul Lee, co-author of TMT predictions, talks about the options.

Billions and billions: big data becomes a big deal (9:48)
Big data may still be in its infancy, but Deloitte predicts that the industry will see revenues between US1-1.5 billion in 2012.

Hard times for the hard drive: solid state storage surges (7:15)
Duncan Stewart, co-author of the 2012 Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions, talks about data storage trends for the coming year.

Ambient radio frequency power harvesting: a drop in the bucket (11:50)
Wireless power transmission - where TV towers and mobile phone masts could be used to create a sea of ambient radio frequency (RF) energy to power devices - will remain a niche market during 2012 due to significant technical challenges.

3D Printing is here – but the factory in every home isn’t here yet! (14:49)
3D printing has caught the attention of the public but the hype around the technology does not recognize the severe limitations of the concept.

It takes two to tablet: the rise of the multi-tablet owner (9:52)
The tablet explosion has shown little sign of slowing down since the format hit the market in 2010 and in 2012 it is set to take on the mantle of the most rapid "multi-anything" market penetration in history.

Consumer tech demand defies the economic headwinds (9:40)
Demand for consumer technology will continue to advance in 2012 with record numbers of smartphones and tablets likely to be sold and demand from emerging markets for lower-cost televisions and computers boosting volumes.

Market research is all in your head: MRI machines and media (7:55)
The advertising industry will have brains on the brain in 2012 as the use of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - fMRI - machines grows in influence.

A “brand” new day for online ads (9:00)
The advertising market is set to expand across the board in 2012 but the online branding segment is set to outpace the traditional and online markets in terms of growth.

Extracting the premium from social games (9:57)
In 2012, companies will need to evolve away from the "freemium" model that has propelled them into the spotlight to take a greater portion of the US$63 billion global games market.

Targeted television advertisements miss the target (9:49)
Prohibitive development costs will keep targeted advertising, based on data such as income or age, to a fraction of the total 2012 global television advertising spend.

The schedule dominates, still (11:41)
For all the talk of the death of linear television, 95 percent of all television programmes watched in 2012 will be live or within a day of the original broadcast.

Online coupon intermediaries: from novelty, to celebrity, to sizeable niche (8:10)
The online coupon sector has evolved rapidly from novelty to celebrity over the course of 2011 but 2012 is the year that it is likely to settle into a small niche, albeit one that generates billions of dollars in revenue.

All aboard for the catch-up commuter thanks to the portable DVR (8:31)
Smartphone and tablet owners will watch five billion hours of catch-up television content on their devices while on public transport in 2012, as the age of the “catch-up commuter” starts to take off.

Sustainability 2011: The podcast (28:24)
Senior Deloitte leaders discuss the dynamics and challenges driving sustainability efforts.

Consumers and health care (25:20)
Listen as Paul H. Keckley, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, and Bob Go, Global Managing Director, Life Sciences and Health Care Industry group, discuss results of the 2011 global survey of health care consumers.

Oracle Fusion: What it means for business (15:06)
Delivered as a complete suite of modular applications, Oracle Fusion Applications coexist with existing Oracle Applications. Find out what companies are asking about these tools and how the market is likely to adopt them in the coming months.

Deloitte Analytics: Driving value from data (9:19)
Tim Phillipps explores ways to use advanced analytics to better navigate today’s changing business landscape.

Next Learning Unwrapped: The social learning revolution (14:11)
Nick van Dam, author of a new book, Next Learning, Unwrapped, discusses technologies and trends that are transforming the way businesses attract and develop talent.

As One Collective Leadership (13:30)
Companies are achieving better results by leveraging As One tools that bring large groups together to achieve a collective purpose. This video podcast features Ainar Aijala and Fred Miller discussing different aspects of As One Collective Leadership, a new service offering from Deloitte member firms.

TMT Predictions 2011: The big picture (9:36)
Jolyon Barker and Phil Asmundson talk about overall TMT trends for 2011 and look back at the last ten years in the industry.

Technology overview (14:31)
Variety is key in the technology sector for the coming year. Deloitte predicts that people will use a diverse array of devices at home and at work. Learn more in this podcast with Eric Openshaw and Paul Lee.

Media overview (14:59)
Television, gaming, the music industry, and social media are among the topics covered in the 2011 Media Predictions podcast featuring Ed Shedd and Duncan Stewart.

TMT Predictions 2011: The Telecommunications Overview (12:40)
In the spotlight for this year’s Telecommunications Predictions: How and where people get connected using their mobile devices. Learn more in this podcast with Jolyon Barker and Phil Asmundson.

Tablets in the enterprise: Toys no more (13:10)
Tablet computers have taken the consumer world by storm but Deloitte predicts that more than a quarter of those sold in 2011 will be bought by enterprises.

eGovernment: From option to obligation (4:42)
In 2011, Deloitte predicts that use of egovernment tools will increase significantly and in some cases may become mandatory.

Non-PC computers take over the world (8:50)
PC sales are set to hit 400 million in 2011 yet the combined sales of smartphones, tablets, and non-PC netbooks that use different processing chips and operating systems will exceed that number for the first time.

Hydrogen comes out of hiding: The alternative alternative energy source (6:41)
Duncan Stewart looks at what's ahead for hydrogen in 2011.

Squeezing the electrons in: Batteries don’t follow Moore’s Law (7:10)
Although progress in battery technology may seem slow, even a five percent annual improvement can lead to significant gains over time.

Operating system diversity (8:59)
Being the dominant operating system provider in the emerging non-PC market would be a tremendous prize for a company. Who will take the crown?

Online regulation ratchets up (17:00)
Deloitte predicts that online privacy will be an even more contentious issue in 2011 provoking irate headlines and exasperated calls for action.

Push beats pull in the battle for the television viewer (7:27)
Tens of millions of televisions will be sold in 2011 with a search function allowing viewers to “pull” content, but passive television viewers will be slow to embrace this new feature.

DVRs proliferate! The 30 second spot doesn’t die! (7:48)
In 2011, more and more TV viewers will have the ability to fast forward through advertisements but what will that mean for the future of television commercials?

Social network advertising: Modest, not mega (5:52)
Paul Lee looks at trends in social media advertising for 2011.

Television’s 'super media' status consolidates (7:24)
Television may be one of the oldest media covered in the 2011 TMT Predictions, but it remains one of the most popular.

Keeping the life in live (9:03)
Deloitte predicts that the live music sector will start taking on the talent creation and nurturing roles that up until now has been left largely to the Artist and Repertoire (A&R) divisions of the music labels.

Pop goes pop-up: Physical music sales go seasonal and temporary (8:39)
Deloitte predicts that in 2011 digital sales will outstrip CD sales for the first time in at least one major market.

Gaming goes online and on sale: New revenue models grow the market (7:48)
Duncan Stewart looks at trends in the gaming industry, which Deloitte predicts will see revenues of US$52 billion in 2011.

WiFi in the mall (8:14)
Duncan Stewart talk about why Deloitte predicts that in 2011 many large retailers will begin offering free in-store Wi-Fi access to shoppers.

WiFi complements cellular broadband for 'data on the move' (10:53)
Paul Lee talks about how these two wireless technologies can work together to provide customers with better service.

4G on the cheap (9:12)
Deloitte predicts that the Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks which will usher in the era of 4G services will fall short of expectations in 2011.

Video calling: The base goes mainstream but usage remains niche (8:30)
Deloitte predicts that although video calling will become cheaper, more widely available, and be of a much improved quality in 2011, the long-awaited boom in demand will not come to pass.

Global Powers of Retailing (12:09)
What have retailers learned about entering into new markets? Listen to an overview of Deloitte’s 2011 Global Powers of Retailing, which takes a look at what globalization means for retailers.

Mergers and acquisitions series, part 3: Post-merger integration issues (18:54)
Learn how to address post-merger human resources and information technology issues.

Measuring Value: The profit in green (19:11)
“Measuring Value: The profit in green” examines the intersection of three important developments in the post-crisis recovery period. This podcast reviews shifts in the C-suite perspective on green growth, the perceived potential profit of green, and the associated emergence of competition

Finance: Effective business partnering (8:46)
Nick Prangnell of Deloitte United Kingdom talks about new research and effective ways for Chief Financial Officers to partner with the business.

Technology Media and Telecommunications Predictions 2010: Checking in (16:20)
Each year the global TMT group produces a series of predictions. Find out how this year's predictions are faring thus far.

Staying afloat in a sea of red ink (16:46)
In the wake of a global recession, governments around the world are bracing to deal with a rising wave of red ink. Hear Bill Eggers, Global Director, Deloitte Research - Public Sector, and Joel Bellman, Director, Deloitte Consulting, UK, discuss how to overcome the obstacles of implementing successful cost reduction initiatives.

Due diligence in a down market (22:50)
Due diligence is critical to any M&A deal, regardless of which side of the table you’re sitting on. This is the second in a three-part series that looks at M&A issues facing chief financial officers.

Faceless threats: Financial services security challenges (20:43)
Financial institutions are making identity and access management their number one priority, according to Deloitte’s 2010 security survey. Adel Melek discusses the findings of the 7th annual survey.

Valuation issues in a down market (11:48)
Chief financial officers face many complex issues when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, particularly in a down economy. This is first of a three-part podcast series addressing some of those challenges.

Bounce back: 2010 TMT global security survey podcast (7:30)
From cloud computing to cyber warfare, this podcast recaps the findings of Deloitte’s fourth annual security survey, identifying the biggest risks for technology, media, and telecommunications companies and what's being done to mitigate them.

Cultural diversity as a key driver of innovation and growth in business (18:28)
Explore the business case for instituting and encouraging cultural diversity in the workforce and the ties between diversity and innovation.

Hidden heroes: Emerging retail markets beyond China (12:12)
When it comes to emerging markets, China may be one of the first countries that comes to mind, but this podcast provides an overview other counties that also deserve a look – and why.

Treating patients like consumers (11:10)
How happy are people with their health care systems? Opinions vary in the six countries targeted in the Deloitte 2010 Global Health Care Consumer Survey. Learn about the similarities and differences in consumer views toward health, health care and unmet needs.

Talent can trump bias (13:30)
This podcast discusses the rising role of women in government and how the public sector has served as a model for attracting and retaining female talent.

A lasting legacy: How major sporting events can drive positive change for host communities and economies (11:58)
Deloitte Global Public Sector Leader Greg Pellegrino and partners from Deloitte UK and Deloitte Canada discuss the benefits and challenges of hosting major events.

Profiting in a downturn: The pricing debate (14:55)
The benefits of effective pricing management, in a downturn, upturn, or in times of economic stability, can improve a company’s performance. This podcast looks at ways companies can benefit from a strategic pricing approach.

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Toward uniformity: How the global downturn affects the move to international accounting standards (19:55)
The global financial crisis is having an enormous impact on the effort to standardize accounting rules worldwide. This audio commentary features Jeffrey K. Willemain, DTTL Global Managing Partner – Regulatory & Risk, as he looks at how accounting rules differ in the U.S. and Europe, where emerging market countries stand on the issue, how the new U.S. administration will influence the debate and more.