Global CFO Signals

Deloitte’s Global CFO Signals report provides highlights of recent CFO survey results from Deloitte member firms. Key themes and observations, as well as a gauge of sentiment and key priorities from CFOs around the world, are included in this report.

Deloitte conducts surveys of CFOs and group Finance Directors of major companies. It captures shifts in CFOs' opinions on valuations, risks, outlook and financing. It has become a benchmark for gauging financial attitudes of major corporate users of capital in countries around the world. At present, 18 CFO surveys, covering 34 countries around the world are conducted on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis. The report will capture the results of the most recent surveys.

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puzzle globe Q2 2013 Global CFO Signals
Despite continued uncertainty over regulation, taxes, and other economic factors, CFOs globally seem united in their push for growth.

puzzle globe Q1 2013 Global CFO Signals
Given this current window of financial and economic “stability,” CFOs finally have the comfort level to pursue expansionary tactics—as well as long memories to remind them to remain vigilant.

puzzle globe Q4 2012 Global CFO Signals
To say that 2012 was a difficult year for CFOs around the globe is an understatement. Judging from the results of the latest Global CFO Signals, however, Q4 may mark a turning point. But, will 2013 be the year CFOs finally signal strong optimism about their companies’– and their countries’– prospects?

puzzle globe Q3 2012 Global CFO Signals
One of the major uncertainties facing CFOs globally – the outcome of the presidential election in the United States – may have been resolved. But that was not the case when CFOs were filling out their third-quarter CFO surveys.

puzzle globe Q2 2012 Global CFO Signals
What a difference a quarter makes. If it looked like CFOs globally shook some of their gloom in the first quarter of 2012, that may have been an illusion. Pessimism is back again — in force. In fact, CFO optimism has decreased markedly in the majority of countries that track this sentiment since their last surveys.

puzzle globe Q1 2012 Global CFO Signals
Things are looking up all over. Well almost. In the first quarter of 2012, many CFOs globally seem to have shaken much of the gloom displayed at the end of last year and seem poised to pursue that growth that has eluded them for several quarters. In fact, in this issue, CFO optimism has improved in the majority of countries that measure that sentiment since their last surveys.

puzzle globe Q4 2011 Global CFO Signals
By many accounts, 2012 may be a difficult year. Thanks to continuing sovereign debt troubles in the Euro zone, social upheaval in the Middle East, dwindling global demand, and overall concerns over economic uncertainty, CFO optimism remains at low levels almost worldwide this quarter.

puzzle globe Q3 2011 Global CFO Signals
The sovereign-debt crisis in the Eurozone weighed heavily on many CFOs in the third quarter. Combined with fleeting consumer confidence and the continuing government struggles to find solutions, the fiscal uncertainty was enough to sink CFO optimism. Read the latest Deloitte Global CFO Signals to read more and access highlights of recent CFO survey results from Deloitte member firms.

puzzle globe Q2 2011 Global CFO Signals
Economic uncertainty. Debt-ceiling crisis. Sovereign-debt crisis. Fleeting consumer confidence. All these factors took their toll on the world’s top finance executives’ optimism in the second quarter. In fact, according to the latest Deloitte CFO Global Signals, which provides highlights of recent CFO survey results from Deloitte member firms, CFO optimism in many countries was at its lowest levels since before the financial crisis thanks to both internal and external uncertainty.

puzzle globe Q1 2011 Global CFO Signals (formerly CFO Global Insights)
The first quarter of 2011 was marked by dramatic changes to the environmental and geopolitical landscape of the world.