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snail Global economic outlook – Q3 2010
Deloitte economists offer insights about the durability of recovery and remaining risks in the world’s major markets and examine the role of fiscal policy amidst economic recovery.

highway intersection 2010 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index
A research report from Deloitte’s Global Manufacturing Industry group and the U.S. Council on Competitiveness based on the responses of more than 400 chief executive officers and senior manufacturing executives worldwide.

red ink swirls Red ink rising
This Deloitte Research report explores the path to fiscal sustainability by looking at the challenges posed by the current economic landscape and provides a framework to address these issues in order for governments to navigate a successful journey.
camera x-ray image TMT Predictions 2010
The Deloitte TMT Predictions explore emerging trends that will have an impact on businesses in 2010. This year’s Predictions are guided by two themes: the direction of the global economy and the pace of digitization.
test tubes Innovation indicators for health care in emerging countries
Emerging markets are becoming a source of innovation for multi-national health care companies seeking to increase innovation capacity, and/or reduce development time and cost. This report outlines a proof-of-concept tool to benchmark emerging market countries based on each country’s ability to promote innovation relative to its peers.
fencer The 6th annual global security survey
This annual survey benchmarks IT security and privacy in the financial services industry. Respondents recognize that people are both an organization’s greatest asset and its weakest link.
paper fan Revisiting retail globalization
Despite the current downturn, economic growth will eventually return and surviving retailers will need to seek new arenas for expanding.
iPhone Insuring the catalyst-customer
Gen Y is projected to become the wealthiest generation ever. What do insurers need to know to better position themselves to capture the enormous opportunity Gen Y presents?
racing flag Ladies and gentlemen, start your service engines
Learn how service and parts operations may hold the key to growth for the automotive industry in an economic downturn.
scuba diver The IFRS journey in insurance
Learn how the implementation of IFRS may impact key business strategies in the insurance industry.
link chain The missing link in the sovereign wealth fund acquisition spree
This new report focuses on sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) with strategic motives that seek to gain more than a typical investment return.
Mastering finance in government Mastering finance in government
This survey of more than 200 government officials around the world reveals to what extent governments must strengthen and better incorporate finance into their strategies.
ethernet adapter The elements of value network alliances
This study focuses on the formation and structure of alliance partnerships and provides insights on determining the elements of value network alliances.

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