Financing Technology's Frontier

New book answers investors questions while giving an insight into the future

 By Richard Shanley 

In this second edition, "Financing Technology’s Frontier" equips investors and senior executives of technology-based companies, as well as financial and business advisors, with an impressive array of decision-making tools.  Richard Shanley, a partner within Deloitte's Health Care & Life Sciences practice, has highlighted numerous case studies and a wealth of financing information from various industry and professional sources.

The book presents the point of view of investment bankers and venture capitalists, while also explaining the inner workings of the high-tech and biotech industries to investors. Whether it’s raising capital, forming strategic alliances, creating compensation plans, tax planning to maximize cash flow, or preparing the board for an IPO, the experts in this book answer the questions that senior executives might not have on their radar screens. Great opportunities are out there; now executives need to catch that spark and create the success stories of tomorrow.

Other Deloitte contributors to the book include Pierre Anhoury,  John Bigalke , David Black, Nathalie Duchesnay, Stuart Henderson, Larry Kraemer, Nigel Mercer, Pete Micca, Don O’Callaghan,  John Rhodes , Akihiro Sano, Marty Somelofske, Hans Verloop and Ken Weixel.

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Financing Technology's Frontier

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