Next Learning, Unwrapped

By Nick van Dam, Director and a Chief Learning Officer in Global Talent for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

Next Learning, Unwrapped maps the future of technology-driven workplace education

NextLearningThe social learning revolution is underway—driven from our desktops, PDAs, and tablets, via social networks, wikis, blogs, videos, IMs, tweets, and avatars. Although the tools are critical, what is more important is how organizations use them to increase understanding and build the capabilities of their people. According to Nick van Dam’s new book Next Learning, Unwrapped, (392 pages) these technology trends have the potential to transform the workplace into a learning place.

Learning practices business leaders can use

In Next Learning, Unwrapped, Nick van Dam presents new technology-driven learning concepts in the context of nearly 40 business cases from leading organizations that use technology-based learning to achieve business goals. Business leaders can use these success stories and lessons learned as blueprints to embed technology-based learning deeper into the culture of their organizations.

Learning trends shaping talent and business strategies

According to the book, an organization’s employees (called “learners”) need education at their fingertips, the option to access it from any mobile device, and the flexibility to use learning tools at their convenience. Van Dam also delves into the challenges of technology-based learning, including how to provide virtual learners with the collaborative learning environment of a traditional classroom.

The learning phenomena that van Dam explores directly address the learning needs of today’s businesses, including:

  • Cost-conscious learning systems tailored for virtual business environments, which help a distributed workforce rapidly respond to changing marketplace requirements
  • Learning that helps attract and retain top talent, and creates a workplace that will continuously motivate its people as business requirements shift
  • Embracing learning as a focus and passion at all levels of the organization so that leadership can become advocates for learning and development
  • “Evidence models” that organizations can use to research the impact of learning efforts and expenditures, and experiment with diverse and competing models to see what works best

Doug Lynch, Vice Dean, Graduate School of Education, and Academic Director, Wharton Executive Education, The University of Pennsylvania, calls Next Learning, Unwrapped “a must-read for the learned professional.”

All proceeds donated to the e-Learning for Kids Foundation

Nick van Dam is an internationally recognized consultant, author, speaker, and thought leader. He is Director and a Chief learning Officer in Global Talent for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL). Additionally, he serves on the advisory board of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Executive Program in Work-Based Learning Leadership. Van Dam is also the founder and chairman of the global nonprofit e-Learning for Kids Foundation, to which all proceeds from the sale of Next Learning, Unwrapped hardcover, paperback, and e-book format will be donated.

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Praise for Next Learning, Unwrapped and author Nick van Dam

“This is an important book for thoughtful learning executives; anyone who is interested in the promise of technology to positively impact learning in the workplace but experienced enough to know that technology isn’t a panacea and is fraught with challenges…A must read for the learned professional!” 
—Doug Lynch, Vice Dean, Graduate School of Education, Senior Fellow, Fels Institute of Government, and Academic Director, Wharton Executive Education - The University of Pennsylvania

“This is the rare book on the future of learning that provides a glimpse – and in many cases a very clear look—at how early adopters are using social networks, simulations, wikis, gaming, and distance learning today to achieve business results. This field level view offers unique perspectives for business, talent, learning, and technology leaders and practitioners.” 
—Jeff Schwartz, US Talent Services Leader, and Human Capital Chief Market Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP