Forging a new path

Opportunities for Latin American metals and mining companies to consider in the Asia-Pacific region


The recovering global economy and return of demand are translating into new opportunities for companies in the metals and mining sector as inventories are restocked. This is particularly true in Latin America, where national economies generally fared better than others during the downturn, and companies in the industry are emerging in a strong position.

Demand from infrastructure and industry in the large, growing economies of the Far East (including China, India, and the Middle East) is once again boosting the prices of raw materials. In particular, countries in the Middle East, hoping to take advantage of high oil profits to diversify their economies beyond petroleum, are entering the industry and increasing production. As such, there are opportunities for globally-oriented mining and metals companies, suppliers, and downstream partners. The overall outlook is positive, but navigating the landscape can be challenging.

This document provides a broad overview of the metals and mining industry in the Far East. It aims to put recent developments in context for those Latin American companies that are considering the best way to approach these markets and to capitalize on potential opportunities.