The consumption dilemma

Leverage points for accelerating sustainable growth


Green HouseA combination of increasing scarcity of some natural resources, climate change, and a global population predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050 are creating the conditions for an ecological "perfect storm". What can be done?

The consumption dilemma: leverage points for accelerating sustainable growth moves beyond asking why sustainability is important, and towards identifying leverage points that can tip the global economy as a whole towards sustainable consumption. It highlights the role of innovation at every level of this transformation – in collaborative thinking, in business strategy, and in public policy.

Over the past three years Deloitte has been working with the World Economic Forum to deliver their Sustainable Consumption Initiative. The initiative aims to develop practical ideas and new forms of collaboration to place sustainability at the heart of business models. This report is the third and most recent based on this initiative.

Find out about the World Economic Forum's Sustainable Consumption initiative.

Download the previous two reports based on the initiative.

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