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Location Specific Advantages in Asia Pacific: Evidence from Local Markets
14 November, 2:00 – 3:00 PM HKT (GMT +8)
Host: Shanto Ghosh
Presenters: Vishweshwar Mudigonda, Jacques Van Rhyn, and Betty Zhu

Location Specific Advantages (LSAs) continue to dominate the transfer pricing discourse in India and China. How has the recent OECD Revised Discussion Draft on Intangibles added to the debate, and are LSAs likely to assume relevance in other Asia Pacific countries? We'll discuss:

  • Importance of geographic market factors that may lead to LSAs, including location savings, market premiums, and group synergies.
  • Existing evidence indicating the relevance of LSAs in certain industries, such as automotive, electronics, and services, and geographic markets.
  • Recent developments on the interpretation and quantification of LSAs in transfer pricing.
  • Adapting transfer pricing analysis and documentation to address the inherent complexity of LSAs.

Gain new insights on LSAs and how your organization can prepare for potential tax authority scrutiny.

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Archived Webcasts


Tangible Product Transfer Pricing: Are You Prepared for Audit Controversy?
10 September 2013
Host: Shanto Ghosh
Presenters: Carlo Navarro and Wei Shu

Numerous multinationals have set up extensive distribution and manufacturing networks across Asia Pacific, resulting in significant intercompany flow of tangible products. This has caused many tax authorities to pay special attention to the pricing of tangible products. We'll discuss:

  • Issues surrounding transfer pricing of tangible products, both from the standpoint of manufacturing and distribution entities.
  • An in-depth look at how tax authorities across Asia Pacific are scrutinizing these transactions upon audit, with special emphasis on audits in Southeast Asia and Japan.
  • Preparing for and addressing management of audit controversies involving transfer pricing of tangible products – practical suggestions and effective practices.

Learn about recent developments in transfer pricing for tangible products and practical ways that leading companies are addressing tax controversies.

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Transfer Pricing of Intangibles and Documentation: What do New OECD Documents Mean?
6 September 2013
Host: Shanto Ghosh
Presenters: Tarun Arora and Cam Smith

The OECD recently published a revised discussion draft on the transfer pricing aspects of intangibles, as well as a white paper on transfer pricing documentation. Both documents are stated by the OECD to be part of its Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project. What does your organization need to consider? We'll discuss:

  • Areas of the intangibles discussion draft that have changed and issues requiring additional discussion, including definition of intangibles; the importance of functions, assets, and risks; and consistency with contractual terms.
  • Intangibles comparability and methodologies.
  • Pricing other transactions, such as location savings and group synergies.
  • A summary of the white paper on transfer pricing documentation and what it means in planning for your documentation approach.

Learn about recent developments in transfer pricing for tangible products and practical ways that leading companies are addressing tax controversies.

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Audits of Intangibles in Transfer Pricing: An In-Depth Look at Recent Controversies
7 August 2013
Host: Shanto Ghosh
Presenters: Manisha Gupta and James Zhao

Tax authorities worldwide are increasing their scrutiny of business practices surrounding the transfer pricing of intangibles. The Asia Pacific region is no exception, so how are tax authorities and taxpayers handling controversies when they arise? We'll discuss:

  • An overview of issues dominating the transfer pricing landscape in Asia Pacific, with focused discussion on relevant issues surrounding technology and marketing intangibles.
  • An in-depth look at how Indian and Chinese tax authorities are addressing transfer pricing of intangibles upon audit.
  • Practical suggestions and effective practices for preparing for and addressing management of transfer pricing audit controversies involving intangibles transactions.

Explore recent transfer pricing tax audit trends in the region and learn practical ways to protect your company in the case of a tax controversy.

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Management Services Cost Allocation in a Transfer Pricing Analysis
25 June 2013
Host: Shanto Ghosh
Presenters: Rakesh Alshi and Setsuko Fukushima

Increasingly, transfer pricing tax authorities around the world are challenging multinational businesses that provide management services to subsidiaries through a central location and then allocate pro-rated shares of those costs based on a measure of the underlying benefits. How can tax executives be prepared to address these challenges through proper transfer pricing analysis and documentation? We'll discuss:

  • The taxonomy of management services from a transfer pricing perspective.
  • Reasons behind local tax administrations' disallowing management charges and approaches to enforcement.
  • Effective practices multinationals can follow to document the performance, measurement, and allocation of management services.

Explore this complex area of transfer pricing to learn how tax authorities are interpreting transfer pricing laws and ways that you can defend your organization's practices.

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Adapting to Change in Southeast Asia: A Constantly Moving Transfer Pricing Target?
19 March 2013
Host: Stuart Simons
Presenters: Theresa Goh, Roy David Kiantiong, and Thomas McClelland

Most countries in Southeast Asia now have transfer pricing regimes, some which are more mature and others that are relatively new and in early stages of enforcement. How can multinational companies address both ends of this spectrum? We'll discuss:

  • Recent transfer pricing regulatory developments in the region, including new rules in Malaysia and updates for Indonesia.
  • Practical aspects of transfer pricing documentation requirements across the region.
  • Specific issues raised during transfer pricing audits in the region and ways companies have responded.
  • Status of the advance pricing agreement programs in the region, including new rules in Malaysia and Vietnam, and lessons learned.

Learn about transfer pricing trends in Southeast Asia and ways to adapt in this changing environment.

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