Financial services industry partnership

The World Economic Forum Industry Partnership programs are made up of CEOs and senior leaders from selected influential companies. The goal is to facilitate engagement between business leaders to define and address critical issues within a specific sector.

The unprecedented financial meltdown, the need for government intervention and calls for greater regulation have heightened uncertainty and the need for new solutions within the financial services industry.

Deloitte member firms provide audit, tax, risk, and other financial advice to clients. That is why we are proud to be participating in this partnership, which combines the efforts of key stakeholders to understand and address the challenges and opportunities in the industry and the global economy. In recent years, Deloitte's financial services group has worked with the Forum on numerous projects including the following.

Convergence of capital markets and insurance

This project reviews various non-traditional sources of risk transfer. It develops recommendations to expand sources of risk transfer and further actions to promote a liquid, transparent, and stable market for the trading of insurance risk.

Systemic financial risk

A dialogue series with executives who hold the responsibility for the overall risk policy to identify, assess, and propose actionable steps for mitigating systemic risks.

Financial impact of global shocks

This project aims to assess the impact of natural disasters; this multi-year effort intends to address the risks from global shocks with significant financial impact.

Currency volatility

The evolution of the international monetary system over the next 20 years. This project explores key trends and uncertainties related to the Euro, Dollar, and Yuan that could affect the structure of the international monetary system.